Marien is a Free Caribbean spirit, whose nature is Love. After experiencing for over 20 years several digestive diseases, allergies and depression, she can confidently say she had tried every so called cure around the corner without success. She took it upon herself to find the health she new she deserved. While searching outside the western sphere she came across the world of Yoga and Holistic Medicine. Since the moment she first stepped into the mat she knew she found a match; little did she know that this new lifestyle will be the cure she had been searching for her whole life. Marien now understands that finding health through a holistic lifestyle was the result of finding something bigger, Loving Herself!

With her smile & welcoming open heart you will find yourself traveling from traditional ancient practices to powerful modern techniques. With her coaching & proactive approach you will experience the power of love in yourself. Her awareness & knowledge in Yoga, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Inner Child, Intuitive/Energy Healing, Ayurveda, Sound & Color Therapy, Ancient Shamanic Practices, Plant Base Lifestyle among others, will enhance your practice from mat to daily life choices; helping you heal from the inside out.

As many of you may know Marien’s Puerto Rican roots come from a mixture of the Taino (Caribbean Natives), Spaniards and Africans. In the Taino Culture 'Bi' means first, life, & principle, the word 'Da' means me, myself. From Marien’s personal experienced she has remembered that to be able to be at service to others, she needed to be at service to herself first and this is where Bida Tribe birthed from. Her mission is to create a worldwide tribe/community that lives life thru the Bida principle of Loving Ourselves first. Bida Tribe brings together ancient and new therapies, knowledge and experience to help you in your journey to become the Conscious, Healthy, Vibrant, Happy, Powerful being that you are. So why wait any longer? Taking Action is the First step into the life you want and deserve.

— Mother Mary