“Marien is a truly authentic, raw & passionate teacher who undoubtedly
lives from her heart. Leading people from fear into the light, away from old negative patterns that no longer serve & guides you into your wildest most magical dreams. I highly recommend basking in Marien’s energy, a true inspiration and kind hearted lady”
— Amber Smith, UK
When I decided to meet with Marien, I was feeling sad, depressed, lost, and disconnected from myself. After the first therapy session, I felt this huge relief in my energy, like this weight was lifted of my body. I was able to feel joy, she taught me how to be in control of my feelings, and how I’m the only one that can allow for myself to feel what I’m feeling. I have taken 3 therapy sessions with Marien, and every single time I leave the therapy feeling more empowered of my self than ever. For me one of the biggest things that happened was that I was having crazy pain in my right arm, and right leg, and after the inner child therapy and recognizing that I was neglecting my inner child, and healing that, all the pain went away. It was AMAZING. The inner child therapy was really intense, I cried, I laughed, I was confused but it all made so much sense. I felt like it was opening a pandora box and all the feelings I’ve been having were there for a reason.
I was nervous at the beginning, but Marien made me feel so safe, she helped me understand the feelings and the why’s and to not take it personally. I learned how to heal my inner child and how to love it every single day. She taught me that I am my own hero, that there is no room for a petty party. Thank You Marien. I look forward to many more sessions together.
— Lucia Merino, P.R
I really enjoyed the cacao ceremony that Marien hosted at the retreat in Nica. Marien was very knowledgeable and professional in her approach, yet she also provided an authentic well-guided journey that was interactive and fun. She helped attendees connect with their hearts, each other and her. I highly recommend her cacao ceremony.”
— Meredith, USA
I had the opportunity to meet Marien due to work where she took her personal time to meet me on the mat and teach me yoga during our off hours. She used the short amount of time we had to really embrace the moment and gave me her full attention. For the first time doing yoga I really felt the significant progress whilst she trained me, physically but even more so, spiritually. She had a beautiful energy and authority on the mat. I was truly inspired and pleased after a session with Marien. I wish to have had more time than two weeks but even in that short amount of time she made the most of it. I’m grateful.
— Adri Du Toit, South Africa
De la terapia me llevo aprendizaje sobre todo en ser especifica de lo que quiero y no quiero en mi vida. Tambien lo que aceptare y no en mi vida. A internalizar el reflejo que veo en otros para lograr amar esa parte de mi que esta dispuesta a ser amada. Gracias Marien de verdad muy agradecida.
— Isamar Colon, PR
Marien’s extensive knowledge of yoga, meditation and holistic living has made me aware of my areas that need attention. She clearly knows which type of yoga and or combination of yoga meditation were necessary for my Hashimoto’s autoinmmune disorder. Since taking classes with her, and speaking to her about diet, spiritual and emotional well-being, I have seen great strides in the way I feel and in my health.
— Lamis Olsen, USA
I know Marien as my student in NLP and coach training class. She is a passionate intuitive being, capable of stepping into someone else’s map of the world. With the ability to then bring them into the next step of their personal change. She is always learning, exploring, taking classes and as a result has built a strong skill set combining modalities in the realm of body, thinking, emotion and spirit. These modalities combined are a true requirement for someone to excel as a practitioner and teacher, and to truly hone their craft. Her abilities are stellar, and provide her clients with the unique opportunity to truly holistically connect on all levels. The ability to provide coaching, in the realm of thinking and emotions in synergy with her capabilities as a yoga instructor.
— Nicole Schneider Owner and Instructor of Global NLP Training
I had the utmost pleasure of studying with Marien in June/July of 2015. During her practicums she safely supported us throughout our practice to get us out of our comfort zones. Her strong knowledge of advanced asanas, inversions and Acro Yoga helped many (including myself) step out of our ‘safe zone’ and in to the unknown. It was an absolute delight to study with Marien. She is extremely knowledgeable and confident in her practice and classes. I wish her all the best with everything.
— Jennifer Freeman
I am so glad to have you in my life, you are my angel and my yoga instructor, nothing like having a one/one class with you. I am always more focus with one/one class, you inspired me every day. Thank you so much for being part of my life.
— Camila Ramos
Marien has the energy, calmness and ability to make me feel at ease when exploring the world of yoga and life for that matter. She encourages me to step outside of my mental boundaries and trust that her guidance will be what I need to grow in my practice and as a person. Her passion is evident in everything she does, a true teacher.
— Megan Shorrocks, Australia
“I had the chance to take a private yoga class with Marien. I really enjoyed the class because she took the time to show me how to do the poses the right way and taught me others I didn’t know. She also went beyond the yoga class and showed me meditation techniques I still use today. The class was fun, dynamic and she was always happy which made me feel comfortable with her. She is an excellent teacher. I wish I live closer to her.”
— Omar Aponte
Thanks for being a great teacher and fellow student! It was awesome to meet you and to be your neighbor at Siddharth house. I know that you will continue to be a great teacher as you always offered so much support during your classes. The classes were fun and interesting, you supported everyone to face their fears and not to be afraid of trying. You gave clear instruction and held the space so well, creating a very supportive environment. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors and hope that our paths may cross again in the future! Lots of love and light, Namaste!
— Rachel Rae
Agradecida por la terapia. Reconozco un cambio sutil pero profundo. Mas anclada en la paz interior, en no tomar las cosas de forma personal, en tener mayor certeza del camino a seguir. Mayor determinación para tomar accion.
Muy positivos resultados.
La Gran Energia Divina se manifiesta a través de ti. Gracias!
— Amparo Casablanca, PR
I loved your Yoga lessons at H2O. Think I finally found some answers I searched for a very long time! Thank You!
— Andrea, Germany
I am really grateful for the opportunity to participate in your yoga classes and workshops. Especially the part about setting intentions at the beginning of the class. Really helped me focus on what’s most important. Thank you! Wish you all the best and hope to see you again.
— Kasia, Poland