Inner Child Healing

We all have an inner child that has been hurt, abandoned, shamed or neglected in the past. That child’s pain, anger and grief lives on within us and it is important to face it, communicate with her/him so we can start forgiving ourselves and those who co-created the wounds of this child. If we do so, in return we will be able to fall in love with every part that makes us whole. Our inner child carries our innocence and this part of us is primordial to awaken to the powerful being that we truly are, allowing us to move from victim to CREATORS. I believe this is the foundation for any person who wants to heal and live through their wholeness.

This type of Inner Child work is a gentle guided process using active imagination and a non dominant and dominant hand dialogue to safely lead you into the subconscious terrain. This work allows you to easily and quickly gain access and heal areas previously hidden. It is unique and highly effective, allowing a person to have a first hand experience with the child within. Profound changes often occur within the first few sessions.

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— Rumi