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Marien is one of those people that is charismatic by nature, with an energy and joy that is contagious to everyone that crosses her path. I had the privilege to collaborate with Marien by coordinating and facilitating women’s circles in Caguas, Puerto Rico. I had not met Marien before that, but since the first time we talked I could feel the energy and passion she puts in everything she does. Marien is a natural healer that shares her knowledge selflessly, she inspires trust to open your heart, to show your most vulnerable side, and to hug your fears with love and courage. I was always amazed by the transformation that I was able to witness in those women during the circles’ activities. Feminity is claiming her place and Marien is one of those messengers opening the way for her to manifest. Grateful to cross paths with this special being. 🙏🏽✨
— Soami, P.R