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Anahata Portal Ceremony

Join us this Sunday, Dec 23 for an Anahatha Portal Cacao Ceremony at Joga Studio.

In this ceremony, we’ll be communing with the Medicine of Cacao to open our hearts. Working with ceremonial cacao is an opportunity for you to access deep parts of yourself that are here to assist you in creating personal transformation, a stronger trust, deeper surrender, and a more profound and joyous connection to your heart and All That Is.

During this time we will weave with the energies of the full moon and let go what no longer serves us. With this new open space, we will invite new stories/ beliefs systems that will empower us and propel us to live the life we want. Allowing us to end 2018 with an empowering mindset and entering the new year with the wisdom that we can create anything we want.

You will experience sound healing, shamanic rituals, Cacao Medicine and more.

What to Wear: Comfortable clothing

What to Bring: Something that brings you safety (e.g. crystals, pendants, bracelets, photos). A few leafs, flowers or organic sticks, H20, yoga mat, towel or cushion for sitting and the most important thing an OPEN HEART!

*Note: Do not consume food 2 hours prior to the start of the ceremony. Do not ingest any alcohol during the day of the ceremony and if possible the day before. **If you have any medical conditions or are on a high dosage of prescriptions, please connect with us prior so we can simply prepare you a smaller and suitable amount of pure cacao.

For more info or any questions you can email us at or what’s app at +1-954-397-2465

Location- Joga Studio behind Pineapple Pete in Cole Bay
Love donation- 35$pp