What was your greatest failure?

December, the month of the calendar were we feel compelled to look back and review our entire year, make new promises, set new goals and intentions. My friend and coach Ken Fried, has been posting different questions everyday during this special month. Taking us into contemplating and reviewing our year 2015. I have taken this opportunity to really dig deep and see what has truly happened in the past 12 months of my life. Here is a little insight into one question that I feel everyone should explore before the end of the year.

On December 3, he asked: "What was your greatest failure?" Like he said, the real question is what aim, desire did I failed to take action over?

After a lot of thinking, overthinking, many written pages and 2 pens down, I couldn't keep avoiding the real failure that was coming up for me. I had failed at fully living in alignment with my values and showing up as my true self.

The typical action of falling into being the victim, while not being fully present in my life had driven me to not reached many of the important goals I had set for 2015.

But the real failure wasn't about not reaching the goals; it was about not showing up fully and living in alignment. And as a result, giving full power to my lower ego to drive me straight into an illusion. An illusion that would stop me from taking further action towards those goals that would help me live a life more aligned to my values and self.

Now, I ask myself...why did I let myself go this far? Knowing, that I carry with me the awareness and knowledge to not go there, or at least to step out of it if I do. Why go this far? Well, it is simple, knowledge is not action. It is only through action that changes happen. So this year I didn't take actions in many ways and I let my lower ego take over and control me. I gave it full power to do what it does best, protect me from the illusions I create based out of fear.

So you have a better understanding, this year illusion was, that if I actually started to value my skills and started to work full time as a body-worker, I could potentially end up bankrupt and at my parents house. Because potentially I might not gain enough clients to sustain me financially. Look at that, what an illusion. Jeez, no wonder why I was paralyzed into taking action. 

This is how powerful our minds are. So imagine what it can create if we show up fully and start living in alignment with our values. It will create light instead of darkness, love instead of fear. It will let the ego show up on its full glory as our higher self and let us become unapologetically ourselves. 

So here I am, reviewing my greatest failure of the year. Remembering that all the lessons that have been shown to me this year, in their true nature are about one thing and only one thing, to live in the now. Because when we are in the now, we are consciously present. In the now there is no past or future. There it is only what is in the moment and if what is, it's not a reflection of your higher self and your values, then it is easier to take immediate action and consciously elevate yourself to that which you want to be, your true self. Trusting that the path will unfold and the signs will be shown. Not needing to know how but only why. It is only in the now that we are fully conscious and alive. I don't know about you, but I want to live and the only way of fully being alive it is by being present. What about you? What was your greatest failure in 2015?