The Real Yoga

Once a wise man said:"Marien share, that's all you have to do, just share". In that moment I promised myself that I would, even if it was the only thing I did in life, I would always share.

So here I am, about to share one of the many experiences, that practicing yoga has gifted me with. After 2 days of intentionally ignoring my yoga practice, I realize that I could not keep avoiding it. I couldn't keep ignoring my inner self any longer. The practice was calling me more than ever, I needed to get on the mat and face my demons. After all, why should one be scared of its own demons? They were created by self and only self can tackle and eliminate them. I showed up to the mat and had and amazing yoga-asana practice, where I explored deeper back-bends and hip openers. The asana practice took me to the present moment. The place were I needed to be to face my fears. It was now time to be in silence, to breath, to be. To practice the most important part yoga, going within.

Here in this moment of breath and silence. I broke. I let the gates down and cried until no tear was left. I felt it in every single part of my body. I felt the desperation, the unfairness, the frustration of what the human race has become and the fact that I am part of it. I felt like running away, leaving it all behind. But in that moment of exhaustion, I realized that running away is not an option, that is not me. My fear was talking and letting me know, that I am here for a reason and even when life may feel like is too much, I must continue and follow through. Fear shows up every time as my personal guide, to let me know I am not being true to myself. Reminding me that all I need to do is be and trust. Thank you fear for showing me the way home.

I share this because as you know, I am a yoga advocate, practitioner and teacher. And I want to share what yoga really is. Yoga Is the practice of returning to self, to detach and be. To be love, to be the real you, the unknown. Yoga is not a set of postures. The postures help us shake those layers that need attention. So when we sit in silence we are able to see them for what they are, letting them go and moving forward into a higher awakening. There are many aspects of the yoga practice, but at the end, all of them brings us to the same place...within. The Great Within, were every answer sleeps, awaiting for you and me to awaken into higher consciousness, so they can be reveal. Awakening is not an easy ride at all, actually is the hardest thing I have done in life, but it is the only thing I will never stop doing.

We live in a place were people thrive for constant connection, without understanding that it is not about connecting, it is about detaching. Detaching from everything that blinds us from the real connection that exist. I let my yoga practice penetrate me into my deepest being and gave it permission to show me what I needed to let go of. It showed me once again, that it is all an illusion. It does not matter if you are playing the role of the poor or the role of the rich, everything is impermanent in this life. What truly matters is that within the role you choose to play you are able to unblind yourself and realize the connection that each of us are. The connection to all that is, including the unknown. We don't need to know, that is not our job. Our job lies in understanding the connection and living a life of pureness and love. And yes maybe not everyone in this world will get there and that is ok. But every effort counts. It's not about all or nothing. You don't need to become a Buddha to walk the path of the Buddha. You just need to be you, find your true self and be unapologetically yourself. You are Love and Love will never harm you or others.

This is a journey that each individual in this plane has to embark on alone. But the beauty lies in knowing that even if it is a personal journey, we are all in this together, we are all going through the same thing. Every journey matters and it has a ripple effect in the collective. Because at the end even thou we are individuals we are one. And how we live our life affects us all. I personally take upon the mission, to make sure that my ripple effect is a positive one.

I don't know what lies ahead and sometimes, well most of the time I get confuse, desperate, scared and feel like I just don't know what to do. But all I know is that I don't need to know. As long as I am true to myself an do everything with love, life will show me the way. The path will be unfold. The mission will be accomplished.

And this my friends is the real yoga, the union with self and all that is.