Lifting the Veil

What is life? Who are we? Where do we come from? Where do we go after we die? What is awakening? These are some of the many questions we ask ourselves at some point in our lives. Most of us on a spiritual path find ourselves furiously searching for the “truth”, we practice ancient and modern techniques, we study with big masters, we find comfort in nature's sacred medicines and we will do and try pretty much everything and anything that does not go against our personal moral code. Because we know there is something bigger than what is being presented to us, yet we don’t know what it is and so we keep on searching. Attempting to unearth the truth, to ascend, to evolve, to become one as our teachers talk about.
We hear a lot the saying “lifting the veil”; but what is the veil? Why does it need to be lifted? Before I continue I want to bring to your attention that this article is simply my perspective on the topic at hand. Do not make my truth yours. Words don’t teach, experiences do. This article is my experience, my truth. Not yours. Please, take what you need from it and leave the rest behind.
Now lets get to the good stuff. I am 33 years old, carrying a bag full of tricks for the ones in the search of the truth. All my life I have gone against what society has taught me, because deep down I felt there was something else that represented the truth for me. I remember always thinking to myself: if this is it, we’re screwed. Luckily, I became so desperate with the outside world that I created situations that propelled me to go inward. And so my inner journey began. I started meditating and during this time I found myself being more present in life. This opened “new” doors for me. During this time I met my Guru, she is a non-physical being, channeled by the amazing Danielle Gibbons. My guru’s name is Mother Mary. Yes! Mary, Jesus mother. She is channeled as Mother because that was her last life as an earthy human. Even though she is my main teacher I continued my search. I started doing yoga and saw how simple movements created a powerful effect on my mind, body and soul. By gently moving my body I was able to release energy and unblock emotional impasses.

After integrating meditation and yoga as part of my daily practice, I revisited and studied new energy healing techniques, like acupressure, reflexology, Reiki and shamanism among many others. This set the way to a deeper understanding of humans as whole eternal beings. It was the validation I needed to trust that we were spirits having a human experience. This led me to people and teachers that helped me heal my emotional body and by doing so my physical one healed too. One of the many great healers/guides I encountered a few years ago is Ana Merkaba. She helped me release implants in my etheric body and this created a pathway to a deeper knowing within myself. Having integrated the above-mentioned practices into my life I have left my constantly ill lifestyle behind. By integrating these practices, I successfully change my lifestyle from obliviousness to consciousness.

I manifested guides and teachers that gave me the opportunity to work with my inner child and to incorporate practices such as Family constellations and Sacred Plants as part of my healing.
By immersing with my inner child I found the missing key I had long been searching for. I realized that if I wanted to live fully, I needed to take responsibility for my life and that is exactly what I did when I reclaimed my inner child. I retrieved all the parts of me that were wounded. I made myself responsible and integrated them within. This healing brought me back home, only to confirm that home is my divine-self. The one that dwells within my heart, realizing that healing is simply loving myself. If you are interested in this topic I suggest these amazing inner child teachers: John Bradshaw, Michelle Blechner and Inna Segal
Now that I have arrived home, I feel my journey has just begun. I exchanged searching for surrendering. I realized that to surrender is to do without doing and this means to fully trust in myself, so I can then fully trust in the unknown. Remembering that the unknown is just more of me and as Socrates said “I know one thing; that I know nothing”. Surrendering always guides me to the next step of my evolution. So, when in doubt surrender. Surrender with an open heart to your soul, to the unknown and I promise you, you will be heard and guided.
All these experiences that I just told you about, proved to be the basics I needed to break free from victimhood, ego, societal expectations and old paradigms.  I am now able see the truth for what it is and not for what we have been told. The veil had been lifted and truly the existential questions that hunted me in the beginning now are simply catalysts to keep on loving myself.
I have to pause here and quickly remind myself and maybe even you that all this searching taught me that even though there are many teachers, books, practices and techniques, they all have one teaching in common, and that is go within. Why? Because we have everything we need inside of us, we just need to accept and embrace it.
So I am going to be blunt here and this may ring true to some and to others it may not, and that’s okay. After all my hard work and believe me, there is still more to do, I can say that I have finally started living consciously.
I have learned that the key to “lifting the veil” is compassion; compassion towards others and ourselves by practicing self-love. But to be compassionate we must first take full responsibility of ourselves; this gives us the opportunity to become the hero of our story, the creators of our lives. The hero when presented with a situation sees the reflection of self and the lessons that are being given for its evolution. The hero is grateful for the ones who play the dark role in her/his life and reminds herself/himself that she/he is darkness as well as light. The darkness in others and us brings about the opportunity to practice non-judgment and compassion. I have learned that forgiveness is simply a matter of seeing a situation from the hero’s perspective instead of the victims. The victim blames and feels the need to forgive. The hero knows she/he is responsible and understand that forgiveness is not required; on the contrary gratitude is practiced towards the many that have come to serve as the darkness. To forgive is to accept the magnitude of gratefulness that is it presented to us on a daily basis even when it manifests itself through darkness.
For me lifting the veil is to see my essence, my light and darkness as one, and the immeasurable love that we are. It is to take responsibility of the self and live in a conscious way towards all. It is to live as one. To make decisions based on how it will affect the collective and not only me. It is working on myself to help others, because to heal/love others we must heal/love ourselves first.
The veil for me is what I call “the game”. The game is simply an experiment that we have chosen to experience here on earth. Upon entering we are wiped out from old memories, so we must play to find our way home, our way back to the heart. To lift the veil is to start playing consciously; we must release all judgments, by taking full responsibility of ourselves and making gratitude and compassion a way of being. Then we can remember what we have known all along and only then we can win the game and come back home.
To awaken in my world means to remember and accept that I am, in fact, a multidimensional being and that there are many other galaxies, universes and beings that are here to assist us in the game. When we remember, and accept our multidimensionality, then we are able to unriddle the game manual and ultimately win! If you want to read more about the game The Nibiruan Council are here for you.
I feel call to help others break free from their victimhood and show them that they too can remember who they are. Sharing all the techniques and practices that have and keep on helping me is my duty because there is no fun in winning if we don’t win as one.
Beloved ones I hope this ticks or awakens something in you. Know that I am here for you, that you are supported and guided by many, many, many. I love you, I love you, I love you. So it is. So be it.