Awaken the Master Within

What is healing? We tend to view this concept as an esoteric idea outside of ourselves, and thus, outside of our direct control or influence. Healing literally means to make whole. Which sounds nice, but when you dig deeper, healing implies you are not whole. Healing is the illusion that you are broken.  When we want to heal something, be it physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual, or even financial, we have the tendency to look outside of ourselves. How many times do we look outside of ourselves to fix something or heal something that requires us to go inside? Why do you think we have to go inside? Its simple, because all we need is inside of us, this is were our wholeness resides.

If you cut your finger, yes you could get a band-aid and some antiseptic cream, but you will heal regardless of whether you use these things. You don’t ever have to look outside for your physical body to heal. The same thing applies to your emotional body and so on.  Your body is in a constant state of healing“wholeness” and regenerating, and this isn’t hippie nonsense, this is backed up by science.

The illusion is thinking that healing is a place we go to. When in reality, all evidence proves that healing is the place where we come from, and ultimately who we are. Healing is simply a natural byproduct of letting go and falling in Love.  Letting go is choosing to forgive others, especially yourself. Because it is by forgiving yourself that you are bale to forgive others. This enables you to consciously move forward and see possibilities, were once there were only limitations.

What happens after you forgive and let go? That’s the exciting part, that’s the moment you Awaken the Master Within.  Recognizing your true power, it is to Awaken the Master Within. It is the moment were you take full responsibility of your life and you become empowered to choose the new experiences you want to have in your life.  Having the realization that life is a journey were you get to choose what to experience for you own evolution. The moment you Awaken the Master Within, is the moment your life becomes a roller coaster of endless possibilities, full of magical moments, synchronicity starts happening and instead of surviving you start living. And this process is the journey, the practice, the privilege of falling in love with yourself.  

So we invite you to live in our world for the next 7 days. A world full of exciting opportunities and wonderful adventures, a world where you can disconnect and trade ordinary for extraordinary. Imagine starting your days waking up in a bungalow where your alarm clock is the sunshine kissing your face and birds singing their happy songs. You stretch and casually walk outside where you are greeted by one of the most pristine and vibrant rain forests in all of Costa Rica.

Your body fueled by the sweetest organic tropical fruits and vegetables grown right in your backyard. Your soul nurtured by daily Hatha and Kundalini yoga as well as shamanic meditations and practices. Your afternoons spent demolishing your old story where you tell yourself that you can’t or that you don’t deserve or that you’re not good enough. Because what are those? Those are stories you have chosen to write and experience. And this is the moment where you have an Awakening and you realize that you can write a new story, and have a new experience.

We aren’t going to sell you on some bogus idea that you are broken and that we are the ones who are going fix you. Our philosophy has always been that nobody needs to be fixed because nobody is broken. When you write a new story, you move away from fear. And when you move away from fear you move towards love. You go home, only to realize that home has always been within. You leave the victim behind and fully embrace the HERO that you’ve always been. You get to experience life from the director’s chair.  The only question now is, do you want to take the red pill or the blue pill?

With Love and Light your sister and brothers,

Marien Sarriera, Mark Fernandez and Connor Cranston

Join us in the Jungle for a week of Awakening!
May 27, 2017 - June 3, 2017 La Fortuna, Costa Rica

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