The Roles We Play

As the great playwright Shakespeare once said “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

At the center of our being we are all storytellers, as well as actors playing out a role in our own epic play.  Lately, Archetypes Energies have been showing up in my life, in a very clear manner.  Over the past 5 years, I have worked with these energies during holistic workshops but it is now that I am truly understanding and experiencing them consciously on my own.

In the last couple of weeks, I have agreed to play "new" roles/archetypes and it has been hard to explore them. A few days ago I realized, I was taking the behaviors and patterns of these archetypes in a personal manner; when in fact they are just merely a collection of behaviors, patterns and skills of the collective unconsciousness that we are all entitle to play with, whenever we feel call upon to do so, for our own evolution.

"Throughout history, in all cultures on our planet, colorful stories, myths and legends have been passed down from generation to generation as a means to preserve, inspire, entertain, educate, understand and spark emotions. Archetypes embody an eternal truth that has the power to dive right into the vein of human need, fear, desire, drive, motives and dreams. They represent patterns of thought that cross the boundary of generation, gender, age, race, and culture."

Last night my identity was questioned. I was asked, If I was not any of these archetypes, then who am I? I had a quick moment of silence and the answer was crystal clear; I am all of them and non of them at the same time. I am simply consciousness/energy and I am able to embody myself as I choose, whenever I desire to do so. For example at work I usually play the "leader", at my holistic practice I play the "shaman", when I get triggered in a negative way I sometimes play the "victim" and other times the "hero". In my life I have and still play many other roles such as the mother, father, grandma, virgin, whore, lover, explorer, magician, sage, alien and so on.

At every instant we have the possibility to experience and embody any roles/archetypes we feel call to play with. We actually do this all the time, but in an unconscious manner. This month energy is bringing the awareness to start consciously playing with these roles.

It is crucial for our evolution to understand the energies we play more often in our lives, their behaviors, skills and patterns. Which energies would you like to play but have not honored yet? Which ones have been asked from others to be embody by you and how do you feel about them? It is important to become aware of these energies as it will lead you into a better comprehension of the choices you make in life, your relationships with others but most importantly your relationship with self.

In conclusion, when we become aware of these roles/archetypes in our lives, it creates a space to have fun with them, while exploring and learning the lessons we have chosen to experience. After all, we have come to play in this amazing stage and we should embrace and honor all the energies that we want to explore. The key is to do it with consciousness.